NY Cares

Developed a contemporary, friendly app for New York Cares, an organization that hosts volunteer opportunities for caring New Yorkers. Conducted a series of user interviews to identify how people thought about volunteering, what their favorite aspects are, and what they consider their barriers to be. Based on this research, developed a set of personals, and user flows (like the Social Butterfly flow below), which informed the final product concept.

UX / Visual Design / Branding

Conducted a series of interviews investigating perception of volunteering--what people like about it, what they don't, why they do it, why they avoid it, etc. This qualitative research led to three key takeaways regarding the most cited blocker to volunteering (limited time), the best way to get people to actually show up (through their social networks), and how to encourage enjoyment (by facilitating bonding). These takeaways led to the development of a sharing feature on the NY Cares app, which allows people to invite their friends to volunteer activities. 


UI & Visual Design

Wireframes and app screens exhibiting the social butterfly flow (the sharing functionality). Visual design direction includes red from the organization's existing branding scheme, but introduces playful typography and energizing colors to highlight the engaging and fun aspects of volunteering.


Streamlined, variable identity based on the original black and white heart logo of NY Cares. Montserrat Alternatives type infuses the brand language with a playful approachability, and the New York Cares wordmark which easily compresses to NYC, highlighting the thoughtfully crafted name of the organization.